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Pastor Ron DeYoung

Leadership Tools For Rebuilding on 10/8/2006 pm
Scripture: Nehemiah 2     Text: Nehemiah 1:11b

Life In The Family - Witness To Our Neighbor on 11/2/2008 pm
Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-7

The Gift Of Joy on 12/14/2008 pm
Scripture: Luke 2:8-20

Receiving The Right To Be Heard on 2/21/2010 am
Scripture: Colossians 4:2-6

Truth That Will Set People Free on 11/7/2010 pm
Scripture: John 8:31-41     Text: John 8:32

Come And See! Go And Tell! on 10/16/2011 am
Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20

When Failure Does Not Need To Be Forever on 3/25/2012 am
Scripture: Luke 22:31-34 And John 21:15-22

Rev. Ron DeYoung

The Discipline Of Keeping The Sabbath on 10/26/2014 am
Scripture: Genesis 2:1-3 & Mark 2:27-28     Text: Mark 2:27

The Lord Of The Second Touch on 10/26/2014 pm
Scripture: Mark 8:22-26     Text: Mark 8:25

Pastor Ron DeYoung

Waiting In Patience-Stepping Out In Faith on 11/9/2014 am
Scripture: Joshua 3     Text: Joshua 3:4-15

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Total: 60